A new future for Dresden

Published: Sep 19, 2023 | Author: Sandra

The Dresden Internet Exchange improves the use of the Internet in Dresden. The Exchange can already look back on a long and turbulent history.

As early as 2005 there were ambitions to build up an Exchange here, because the importance and value of Dresden was recognized. The core idea was to keep internet traffic as local as possible, without routing regional traffic halfway around the world and back.

Even then, Dresden was characterized by a growing semiconductor industry, a strong automotive supply industry, the Volkswagen model factory “Gläserne Manufactur”, as well as by a strong service and tourism industry. The initiative at that time came from Prof. Dr. Thomas Horn, who was an Internet pioneer established the first Saxon Internet provider in 1994 with his company, today's IBH IT-Service GmbH.

The Universities faculty and employees furthered the idea of the Internet as an open medium. At that time, the Internet Exchange was to be called DDCIX (Dresden Commercial Internet Exchange).


But why did it take until today to see the DD-IX in operation?

The answer, as is often the case, is simple: At the time, the major Internet providers had no interest and there was a lack of an active community dedicated to building and advancing Internet communications. As a company IBH IT-Service can provide the financial means and the contacts to other providers, but the groundwork of winning new customers and collaborators, the technical support and further development cannot be done by one company alone.

Fortunately, until today nothing has changed in Dresden as a business location. On the contrary, the current developments show the strengths of Dresden. For the entire economy, Internet communication has gained enormous importance over the decades.

And now, behind the DD-IX, there are a multitude of members with passion, enthusiasm and vision for a long "overdue" project.