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The DD-IX is an Internet exchange for Dresden and whole Saxony. As a non-commercial platform, we are open to all Internet stakeholders that are interested in multilateral exchange of Internet traffic. Only 20 km from the geographic center of Saxony, the DD-IX locations in Dresden offer the perfect fundament to peer with participants in the Saxony region over short distances.

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The DD-IX is operated by committed people of the DD-IX Dresden Internet Exchange e.V. The DD-IX Dresden Internet Exchange e.V. is a registered association under German law. Our mission is the economical, ecological, and robust exchange of data over the Internet. To enable direct data delivery between source and destination, we leverage the unique advantages of an Internet Exchage Point (IXP).

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Join us for an exciting journey. As peer, sponsor, or member of the association you will be part of the development of the DD-IX - the catalyst for the digital future in Saxony!

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